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War Sword

This sword has a blade from the Albion moat sale. The blade came to me as a hardened and tempered blank that needed to be ground to final thickness and then finished out. The tang was a little shorter than I wanted so I removed about an inch off the blade at the shoulder to lengthen the tang and correspondingly shorten the blade.

The cross-guard and pommel are bronze. The guard is banzaipeened to the tang for a secure fit. The pommel is hot peened as well as banzaipeened on the grip side. The grip is a pinned hardwood core with a cotton cord wrap and risers with a leather over wrap.



Overall length:

47 1/2 inches

Blade length:

36 inches

Blade width at base:

2 1/4inches

Blade thickness:

.255 inch tapering to .10 inch

Cross width:

12 1/2 inches

Grip length:

8 inches

POB measured from end of grip:

4 1/4 inches from end of grip


4 pounds

This prototype sword is sold. A new version could be made for $3700.