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There are a number of other services offered for collectors and fellow artists.

  • Specially commissioned bronze sculpture
  • Antique (or just plain broken) bronze repair
  • Cleaning and waxing of outdoor sculptures
  • Molding of your original
  • Casting of your original
  • Custom swords, fittings, or blades
  • Lifecasting

Please note that my availablity for other services can often be limited by my current workload.




Have a concept for a sculpture you would like or an unusual object that could be made of bronze? From a detailed portrait to a doorknocker, if it can be made in bronze, you can have it done here.

Some of the more oddball things in bronze:


Huge pair of bronze door knockers


3 1/2 inch U of F seal




Have a piece of furniture that is missing some fittings? A mold can be made from the existing fittings and new bronze fittings cast to match.

Have a sculpture which is damaged or missing parts completely? It can be repaired and parts can be re-created.


Missing antique drawer pulls. Original on the left, new bronze re-creation on the right.


Antique finial. Original on the left, new bronze on the right.



Bronze sculpture with missing arm.


New bronze arm.


Repaired sculpture.



Outdoor sculptures need to be maintained in order to last and to look their best. A bronze should be cleaned and waxed twice a year, more depending on location and surrounding conditions. A neglected bronze that has been left to the elements can, in most cases, still be brought back to life with a thorough cleaning and re-waxing.



If you have something of your own that you would like to have a mold made of, from a complex, detailed figurative piece, to a clay mask you made as a child, it can be done in a number of different rubbers to suit your needs. A mold can be made so your piece can be cast in wax to be turned into a bronze, here, or with a foundry of you choosing. A mold can be made to cast low cost plaster reproductions or plastic, resin, and "cold cast" bronze. A mold can even be made to directly cast low melt alloys like pewter or Britannia.



Once molded your original can be cast here as a one of a kind or as a small production run.



Custom bronze fittings can be made to fit your existing steel blade to personalize it to your tastes. Entire custom, high carbon steel swords can be made to almost any design you can imagine. Bare steel blades can also be made for you to finish on your own. Please see the custom blades page for more details.


Mild steel claws made for fantasy re-enactment.


Steel gauntlets for blunt sword sparring.




Molds can be pulled directly from the human form and cast in a number of different materials. Preserve moments in time with representative casting.