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Urfael and Acharn

This sword set is based on a pair of swords in a video game. The blades are hardened, tempered, and sharpened 80CrV2 steel. The guards and pommels are sculptural quality silicon bronze. The pommels are keyed and hot peened. The grips have wood cores with cotton wraps and leather overwraps. The scabbards are wood with leather covering and bronze chapes and lockets.


Long Sword Broken Sword

Overall length:

47.125 inches

28.875 inches

Blade length:

35 inches

18.5 inches

Blade width:

2.5 inches tapering to 1.56 at 4 inches from the tip

2.56 tapering to 2.375 before the break

Blade thickness:

.25 inches tapering to .18 at 4 inches from the tip

.26 inches

Cross width:

8.75 inches

8.1875 inches

Grip length:

6.25 inches

4.0625 inches

POB measured from end of grip:

6 inches

2.75 inches


6 pounds 10 ounces

4 pounds 13 ounces

This sword set is sold but a similar pair could be commissioned. The cost for the sword set with scabbards would be $8500. The longsword by itself would be $4000 and the broken sword by itself would be $3300, with scabbards being an additional expense.