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Scalloped Hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini)

The scalloped hammerhead resides in coastal warm and temperate tropical seas around the globe. The unusual cechalophoil is the most easily recognizable trait of the hammerhead and is where it gets it's common name. The scalloped hammerhead can be distinguished from the other nine or so species of hammerhead by the indentations (scallops) along the front of its slightly curving cephalophoil. Maximum length is 12-14 feet (3.7-4.3 meters) while the maximum recorded weight is 336 pounds (152.4 kg). They are currently considered to be "lower risk/near threatened" throughout their range though in some areas where fishery is well managed, they are abundant.

Size: 10 inches tall, 23 inches long

Weight: 22.75 pounds