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I-Beam long swords

These are training swords for my small German long sword group. The blades are constructed with a cross section similar to that of an I- beam. They have a very wide deep fuller running the length of the blade with the thicker portion of the steel along the edge. This allows them to have a very thick edge for safety but keeps them at the correct weight when compared to a sharp steel long sword. The edge is 1/8 inch thick from the base of the blade to the tip. The rounded tip is 5/8 of an inch wide. The blade also has distal taper, starting at 1/4 thick at the base, gradually thinning to 1/8 at the tip.

The cross guard of these two swords are made from mild steel while the pommels are bronze. the grips are hickory with leather wrap. The scent stopper pommels are hot peened. The blades ate hardened and tempered 1075 high carbon steel.



Overall length:

47.75 inches

47.5 inches

Blade length:

35.75 inches

35.75 inches

Blade width at widest point:

1 5/8 inches

1 5/8 inches

Blade thickness at base:

1/4 inch

1/4 inch

Cross width:

10 inches

10 inches

Grip length:

8.5 inches

8 inches

POB measured from end of grip:

4 inches

3.75 inches


3.75 pounds

4 pounds

These swords are not available.