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For those who do not understand what drives him, he appears to be a fool about to plunge off the edge of a precipice. In truth, it is the leap of faith. He stands poised on the edge, just past the point of no return. The drapery which lightly covers him is the last remnant of the material world he leaves behind. He feels it's rich texture in his fingertips, soaking in the last of it as he is about to let it slip away into the wind. He leaves behind the world of other peoples opinions and ideas of what is possible and what is not. He is captured here in the critical moment of giving himself over to his own beliefs. He may fall or he may soar. What truly matters is to have the courage to believe and take the leap.

Bronze with concrete base

Overall height of sculpture and base: 51 inches

Bronze size: 23 inches high

Bronze weight: 33 pounds

Base size: 18 inches high, 10 inches wide

Base weight: 81 pounds