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The Father's Sword

This is a re-creation of the sword from my favorite movie as a child. Though I have made some slight changes to the hilt parts, I think it is still a fairly accurate representation. I had originally planned on adding my own sentiment in a runic etching along the blade but after seeing the blade finished I couldn't bring myself to mar it in any way. I may yet add the etching at some point in the future but for now I'm pleased with the look of the bare fuller. Though this sword is a bit heavier than any historical example of this size (owing to it's fantasy design) it cuts like a dream. As with all my more recent blades many hours were spent filing and sanding the blade by hand to achieve the finish.

The cross and pommel are bronze. The grip is red oak with a double leather wrap. The grip is pinned in place through the tang and the pommel is keyed and hot peened. The blade is hardened and tempered 1075 high carbon steel.



Overall length:

39 inches

Blade length:

28.5 inches

Blade width at widest point:

3 7/16 inches

Blade thickness at base:

1/4 inch

Cross width:

5.5 inches

Grip length:

6.125 inches

POB measured from end of grip:

4 inches


6 pounds

This is my personal sword and is not available for sale.