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Sicarius Dracorum (Dragonslayer)

This spear is based on the heavy spear from the movie Dragonslayer. The blade and spikes are hardened, tempered, and sharpened 1075 high carbon steel. The shaft is ash with several coats of ebony stain.



Overall length:

8 feet 6 inches

Blade length:

18.5 inches

Blade width at widest point:

3 5/8 inches

Spearhead total length:

26 inches

Spike width:

4.5 inches

Shaft diameter :

1.25 inches


4 feet 6 inches from butt


5 pounds

This spear is sold but a similar one could be commissioned. The cost for the spear would be $2200.

Wizard's Amulet

The amulet is bronze with a leather cord and flourite octahedron stone.

The cost for the amulet would be $550.