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Bastard Sword

This Hand-and-a-half sword started its life as an Albion long sword bare blade that had sabered during heat treatment and had then been left to rust. After aquiring the blade, I removed a couple of inches from the tip, which was curved too far off to the side to be usable as part of the refurbished blade. The entire blade was then re-ground to a new central ridge. The re-done blade is smaller than the original but is straight and rust free.

The guard is a slightly shorter version of one of my long sword guards. The guard and pommel are bronze. The uard is banzaipeened to the shoulder of the tang for a secure fit. The pommel is also banzaipeened to the tang on the grip side and is hot peened to the tang on the far sie as normal. The grip is a wood core which is epoxied on and pinned with a bronze pin. The grip has a linen cord underwrap with cotton cord risers covered with a leather wrap.



Overall length:

41 1/2 inches

Blade length:

31 1/2 inches

Blade width at base:

2 7/16 inches

Blade thickness:

.24 inch tapering to .11 inch

Cross width:

9 3/4 inches

Grip length:

7 inches

POB measured from end of grip:

3 5/8 inches from end of grip


2 3/4 pounds

This one of a kind sword is not available, but another similar sword could be made to order.