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This stand alone piece is ideally meant to be viewed paired with it's counterpart as picture below. This sculpture represents the female part within each of us. Not female in the sense that the characteristics are in themselves feminine but that they tend to be more prominently apparent in women. All men and women have these characteristic in varying degrees. She is calm and the pose relaxed. She is the compassion and contemplation that guides our better nature. She nurtures and guides but takes no action on her own.

Long soft hair is symbolic of a gentle nature. Wings are a sign of intellect, hers are soft and flowing. The gently curving female form represents nurturing and untroubled understanding.


Size: 17 inches high, 12 inches wide

Base: 6 X 1 inch round marble

Weight: 21 pounds

Separate but reaching for each other, each is incomplete without the balance of the other half. She would be lost in her thoughts without his impetus to action.