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This fantasy short sword is loosely based on some bronze age sword designs. It's actually quite large for a short sword. For the blade on this one, I used 5160 steel to see how I like working with that compared to 1075 or 1095. I found it pretty comperable to work with and expect it might be slightly more rust resistant than 1075. The blade is hardened and double tempered. The blade distally tapers from 1/4 " at the base to 1/8" at 1" back from the tip. The grip is leather over wood with three risers. The guard and pommel are bronze. The pommel is keyed and hot peened.


Overall length:

29 5/8 inches

Blade length:

22 inches

Blade width at widest point:

2 7/8 inches

Blade thickness at base:

1/4 inch

Cross width:

3 3/4 inches

Grip length:

4 7/8 inches

POB measured from end of grip:

4.75 inches


3.9 pounds

This sword is sold, but a similar sword could be commissioned for $2900.