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Aurochs Sword

The concept for this sword was to have a piece with a similar feel to the 1982 Conan movie sword but still be an original design. The guard is the skull of an aurochs. I chose this for a few reasons. The aurochs was one of the few animals which had forward pointing horns, unlike the Irish Elk skull from the movie sword, which actually has its antlers on backwards to facilitate use as a sword guard. Representations of aurochs can be found as far back as prehistoric cave paintings and they died out in the early 1600's. Bulls have been considered sacred or worshiped as symbols of power and verility for long streatches of human history. For these reasons I felt an aurochs could be an important icon for an early human society.

The pommel has an interlace design on the body to evoke a Norse feel. The top of the pommel is based on a Scandinavian type "s" pommel cap and contains an image of a serpent with its tail in its mouth as Ouroboros or Jormungandr.

The blade of this sword is hardened and tempered 1075 high carbon steel with a sharpened edge. The guard and pommel are sculptural quality silicon bronze. The guard is banzaipeened to the tang and the pommel is keyed to the tang and hot peened.

The grip is a wood core with a pigskin wrap which is then covered with an interwoven leather wrap.



Overall length:

39 1/8 inches

Blade length:

28 1/2 inches

Blade width at widest point:

3 1/2 inches tapering to 2 inches at 4 inches from the tip

Blade thickness at base:

.27 inches tapering to .21 at 4 inches from the tip

Cross width:

6 1/2 inches

Grip length:

7 inches

POB measured from end of grip:

4.5 inches


6.5 pounds

This sword is not available but a similar sword could be commissioned. The cost for the sword without a scabbard would be $4000.