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Bronze by Jeffrey J Robinson

Bronze sculpture, mold making and bronze casting, commissioned bronze sculpture, custom blades and sword fittings.



Bronze has characteristics unlike any other material. It can convey weight and mass as easily as it can represent lightness and delicacy. It can show the fine edge of a tiny wing or the bulk of a tightened muscle. Ideas can be further developed through the rich variety of patinas possible on the finished sculpture.

Bronze has been valued through the ages for it's versatility of form as well as it's durability. A well made, cared for bronze, won't last a lifetime, it will last many. A bronze sculpture can be an heirloom to tell future generations about what is important to you today.

Art is the attempt, by the artist, to cause the viewer to see what the artist sees. It is a thought or feeling drawn from the mind of the artist and made tangible in the form of a sculpture, painting, piece of music, or any other medium suitable to the purpose. There is, however, no need for the viewer to experience the work of art in the exact same manner as the artist. The meaning instilled in a piece by the viewer is no less valid than that which was conceived in the mind of the artist at the time of it's creation.

A work of art, like the mind which creates or views it, rarely contains just a single concept. It is full of many different thoughts and emotions present in varying degrees at any single moment.

It only matters that it should connect you with yourself. If it has affected you, it has achieved it's purpose.



The Bronze Process page gives a short summary of what is involved in the lost wax bronze casting process. It can be helpful to those who want a basic understanding of how bronze sculpture is made. It is also useful if you are contemplating creating a bronze of your own and would like an idea of what to expect and what steps you may be able to accomplish on your own.

The Sculptures page shows all the currently available bronze sculpture. Clicking on any of the pictures on that page will take you to a page with a larger picture and details about that particular bronze sculpture.

The Custom Blades page is a collection of all past and current custom blades. Some are custom hilts on existing blades and others are complete custom swords and knives. Each picture on that page links to it's own page with more pictures and further information on each individual blade. A further link on that page will lead to the long sword section with information on training swords.

The Other Services page gives some details on related services which can be provided such as mold making, casting, replicating or repairing antique parts, and maintaining or refinishing bronze sculpture.

Finally, the Contact page gives information on the artist and contact information.