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Seraph Aegis

These swords were part of a collaborative project with the SBG Swordforum and Master Smith Michael Ye who forged the feathersteel blades. I designed and made the bronze hilt parts and assembled the swords. A prototype and the first five of what was to be a twenty piece run were made and sold before the project was cancelled.



Overall length:

45.5 inches

Blade length:

32.5 inches

Blade width at widest point:

1.5 inches tapering to 1 at 4 inches from the tip

Blade thickness at base:

3/8 inches tapering to 3/16 at 4 inches from the tip

Cross width:

9.25 inches

Grip length:

10.25 inches

POB measured from end of grip:

4.75 inches


3 pounds 7 ounces

These swords are not available but a similar sword could be commissioned.